Hi, I’m Brian, a Client Services Manager at Redtech. I'd like to share my thoughts on why I joined Redtech for two reasons: to encourage potential future employees to take a good look at our organization, and of course to highlight why you might want to work with us as a client.

During the process of discovering Redtech, it became apparent to me that I was looking for certain fundamentals from an organization that would allow me to grow a successful and balanced career and do what I love to do—deliver great work to clients, stay happy and make a good living. In that order.

The organization I envisioned would be headquartered locally, highly capable, share a killer design sense, be highly ethical, truly value work/life balance, and lack the ego-driven mentality that many interactive shops seem to foster. This organization needed to be big enough to deliver on projects my enterprise contacts would want to implement, but small enough to be fast, flexible, and very competitive.

Did such a shop exist? I had to find out! I had two offers from companies that met some, but not all, of my criteria when Redtech called. While I've worked in the consulting business in the Pacific Northwest since 2006, this was a company I hadn’t run across.

I had several discussions with Jodi and Cliff at Redtech (see our about us page), and both assured me that all my criteria could be met. I was definitely interested, but not yet convinced.

It wasn't until I was able to meet with the delivery team that I was bowled over. They started by giving me me a rundown of some of the UX design work they had done recently. They walked me through several projects from their portfolio showcasing their committment to the customer, their technical finesse, and their exceptional design chops! Finally, the team described the collaborative nature of their pursuit of new business, which includes a keen focus on listening, and how they partner with clients from the first conversation.

Redtech managed to be the organization I was looking for, an undiscovered gem in the Pacific Northwest.

I’m delighted to be representing services for this organization, and I can’t wait to see the positive impact our work will manifest in the business community. I’m here to get the word out. Would you like to talk?

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