Your content management system, or CMS, was designed to grow with your business.  What do you do when your business has outgrown your CMS, though?  There are a few key indicators to help alert you to the time when it may be in your best interest to start working with a developer and upgrade your CMS.  If you’re guilty of any of the mistakes below, it’s probably time.

Your editors are starting to put up a fight.

How often do you hear back from your editors about how hard it is to manage the content on your site?  If it’s more than a couple times a week, you’re causing them frustrations that can easily be avoided.  As the size of your site increases, managing it gets exponentially harder.  If the problem persists, you could potentially end up losing your editors.  That’s not a position you want to find yourself in because you couldn’t get your CMS upgraded.

Your mobile visitors are complaining.

Do you know the biggest complaint among mobile users?  That they cannot properly view websites on their smartphone, tablet, or other portable device.  When your visitor lands on your site through a mobile device, your CMS should automatically serve up a “mobile responsive” version that looks great on portable devices.  If it doesn’t, you’re costing yourself more money than it would take to make sure the site is mobile responsive and keeping your visitors happy.

The design looks like it’s from 1998.

How long ago was your website designed?  If it looks like it’s out of the 1990’s, it’s time for an upgrade.  You don’t necessarily have to get an award winning design built.  You do need to ensure that your design is both appealing, and setup to make sure that your visitors are doing what you want them to.  In other words, that the design actually converts your visitors into customers.

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