Digital Analytics

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At Redtech our Digital Analytics Team specializes in utilizing the latest technologies and practices to design, build, and sustain dynamic marketing environments that continuously test and improve the online experience of the customer. We leverage data from all digital channels (search, display advertising, social, email, mobile etc.) to enhance revenue generation. Our Services include:

Design Services

Digital Analytics Audits and Roadmap Creation, Technology Evaluations, Operational Design, and Workforce Planning.

Building Services

Technology Implementation, Data Capture, Process Development, Best Practices Documentation, and Automated Reporting.

Sustain Services

Testing and Optimization, Data Visualization, Advanced Analytics, Staff Recruitment and Training, Governance, Marketing Operations Support, Project Outsourcing, and Marketing ROI Analysis.

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The world of Digital Analytics is rapidly changing and organizations need a trusted partner to provide the knowhow and extra resources to stay ahead. Teaming with Redtech gets results!