10 Things You Could Be Doing at 10:30PM... Instead of Dealing with Your Dev Team

April 08, 2018

If you lead a product team, you’re likely no stranger to late-night conference calls. Every night, after coming home from work and grabbing a quick bite, your kitchen table turns into a makeshift office where you coordinate with teams around the globe. You can convert time zones in your head, and know the ideal time to talk to your account management contact in Manila—you’ve even learned a few phrases in Tagalog. You spend a few hours hashing out next steps on your software engineering project, finally get a few hours of shut-eye, and before you know it, it’s time to head back into the office again.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you didn’t have to stretch your work day to fit multiple time zones? Here are a few ideas of what you could otherwise be doing at 10:30…


  1. Sleeping in your bedroom

  2. Not sleeping in your bedroom. (Do we have to spell it out?)

  3. Binge-watching all the Games of Thrones episodes you haven’t had time to see

  4. Making the most of your Moviepass with a trip to the theater

  5. Meeting up with friends for a pint at the local pub (you might need to remind them you still exist)

  6. Drafting chapter 5 of the dystopian sci-fi novel you started two years ago, though it’s looking more like a history book now

  7. Teaching yourself how to play “Nothing Else Matters” on your 15-year old Gibson (remember to tune it first)

  8. Learning Mandarin on Duolingo

  9. Putting in hours with your Kindle for your “Book a Week” Challenge

  10. Learning how to meditate and spending a few minutes in sweet, sweet silence


Your after-hours time is valuable for so many reasons—but if you’re spending late nights on the phone with overseas contractors, you’re losing it. That’s time you need to refresh, socialize, be creative, be reflective—so prioritize those hours for your own time, not your company’s.

How can you do that? Simple: Consider a shift away from overseas developers, and look closer to home.

Choosing a company that specializes in “ruralsourcing” affordable developers from American heartland communities enables you to tap into an experienced professional team of Agile software engineers who can work on your budget—and more importantly, in your time zone. These development teams have strong experience working with large organizations, and can collaborate with you in real-time through phone, web conference, and online chat during the course of your normal work day. So take back your evenings for your family time, your fun time, your self-improvement time, and leave work at the office where it belongs.

Want to learn how to take back your time? Contact Redtech Heartland Solutions today.

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