• Microsoft


  • Technology/Advertising

Technologies used

  • Adobe After Effects
  • CSS3
  • HTML5
  • jQuery/Javascript
  • Twitter Integration
  • Social Sharing
  • Final Cut Pro

To support its presence at the Cannes Lions International Advertising Festival, Microsoft needed to create a keynote presentation video and a mobile website. redtech helped Microsoft produce the video and the website in less than two months, providing end-to-end production, development, and site hosting. By relying on redtech for expedited strategic event support and creative production, Microsoft was able to focus on its festival message and presentation.

The Challenge

Each year, Microsoft participates in the Cannes Lions International Advertising Festival to connect with online marketers and bring attention to Microsoft Advertising opportunities.

To support its presence at the festival, Microsoft needed to create a video to showcase the potential that Microsoft Advertising opportunities hold for marketers. A Microsoft Advertising executive would play the video at his keynote presentation. Needless to say, high production quality was a must as the festival is attended by top ad execs from around the world.

The company also needed to create a mobile website where festivalgoers could find news and information on Microsoft’s goings-on at the event, in real time. The challenge: Microsoft needed to produce both the website and the video in less than two months.

The Solution

Microsoft chose redtech to help it create a keynote video and a mobile website. We developed the video script, which invokes the connected world of opportunities that Microsoft Advertising provides to marketers, through a series of events that occur within a family (through mobile advertising, Facebook interaction, and utilizing Bing search and maps) all centered around the purchase of a daughter’s birthday gift.

After the script was done, we created a visual storyboard to describe what the live action would look like, hired talent, performed location scouting, and shot the film on location in New York City. We also did motion graphic design work, and edited the raw footage into the finished video.

For the website, Microsoft came to us with a preexisting site design. After working with Microsoft to refine and focus the requirements for a mobile experience, we optimized the layout for a range of mobile devices, including Windows Phones, iPhones, and Android devices, and created a mobile experience that supported social media and video experiences that could be hosted on our servers.

The Results

Microsoft was able to present a high-quality keynote video at Cannes Lions, showcasing Microsoft Advertising to top execs from around the world. We removed the burden of strategic envisioning and production work from Microsoft’s shoulders, and provided full-service, live action video production—completing the video in less than four weeks.

We also delivered and hosted a user-focused mobile website for Microsoft’s Cannes Lions presence. The site provided instant access to Microsoft-authored blog posts, Twitter feeds, and other information that Microsoft Advertising published in real time to engage festivalgoers.