How Domestic IT Sourcing Is Revitalizing the US Economy

November 27, 2017
A tidal change is currently washing through the U.S. From IBM to Salesforce, tech giants are starting to pivot their focus away from outsourcing and towards domestic IT sourcing.
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Why Offshore Development Doesn't Pay Off

November 06, 2017
They say if something sounds too good to be true, it probably is—and this old adage extends to offshore development. Find out why you may be getting less bang for your buck from your overseas vendor than you think.
 Domestic, IT, Onshore, Outsourcing

5 CMS Questions You Should Be Asking Yourself Right Now

July 24, 2017
At Redtech we work with CMS systems everyday. Literally everyday for 15 years. Whether or not it's supporting a Fortune 500 company and their global platform or migrating a mid-sized business to a new CMS platform like Kentico we live and breathe CMS development, integration, publishing, and operations everyday. So, we decided to ask some of our top CMS experts what they thought the top questions were that a company should be asking itself about it's CMS as it thinks about the future.